Cooperative research

Project planning, product developments, experiments: Sample and prototype engineering

A highly qualified interdisciplinary team of scientists and technicians with many years’ experience in high tech is capable of implementing a solution for every individual problem – ranging from scientific research and conceptualisation, including experimental setup, and on to sample and prototype engineering with subsequent line production.

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Example projects from industry and science

We have already carried out various studies and developments in the fields of optical technologies and megatronics, laser technology, medical technology, fibre optics, optoelectronic, measuring and control technology, sensor technology, light and lighting technology, as well as image acquisition and optoelectronics for industry and science:

Laser technology in science

  • Development of fibre-coupled multi-kilowatt diode laser systems
  • Development and manufacture of fibre optics laser systems for topography scanning

Laser technology/ medical technology in science

  • Development and manufacture of fibre-coupled collimators and focusing systems for diode lasers
  • Development of new laser operation techniques to prevent collateral damage in laparoscopy by using fibre-coupled sapphire scalpels

Industry/ medical technology/ laser technology

  • Development and manufacture of fibre optic probes for photodynamic therapy (PDT) with lasers
  • Development and manufacture of fibre optic probes for ophthalmology
  • Development and manufacture of autoclave-capable laser cables for surgery and dentistry
  • Development of fibre-coupled spectroscopic examination systems in gynaecology

Fibre optics in industry/ science

  • - Development of special process and measuring technology for manufacturing fibre bundles of geometrically highest accuracy for application in astrophotonics and spectroscopy

Fibre optics in science

  • Development and manufacture of fibre detectors
  • Development and manufacture of special optical fibre cable connectors for experiments in high energy physics
  • Experimental investigations to verify radiation hardness of scintillating fibres

Fibre optics/ optoelectronics in industry

  • Development and manufacture of fibre optic goniometers for radiometric, photometric measurements, and for measuring radiation characteristics
  • Study on the optimisation of optical fibre cables in light-polymerisation applicators with subsequent sample construction for dentistry

Development, simulation and construction of optics for photonics

  • Simulation of optics and optimization of optical systems and components, primarily for laser and medical technology, spectroscopy and sensor systems

Industry/ optics

  • Calculation of beam paths and development of deflection units
  • Development and manufacture of lens units for lighting technology

Fibre optics / optoelectronics in industry

  • Studies on the improvement of optoelectronic systems in household appliances with subsequent production of samples
  • Development and manufacture of optoelectronic sensors for various detergents for the household appliances industry
  • Development and manufacture of a read-out device for displaying residual values for household appliance engineering
  • Study on the use of LED in traffic signals for signaling technology
  • Study on the quality assurance of LED signals in traffic technology


Sensor systems/ optoelectronics in science

  • Study on automatic identification of operating liquids in the automotive industry

Electronics in science

  • Development and manufacture of multi channel pico ampere meters with a BIAS option for monitoring electron beams in synchrotrons

Optoelectronics/ image editing in industry

  • Development and manufacture of an image-acquisition system in the plastics and foil industry

Measurement and analytical techniques in industry

  • Development and manufacture of a multipass saturated fluorescence analysis device for environmental engineering