High Power Laser Cable For The Medium Output Range

HPLK high power laser cable system

Complete solutions thanks to multiple laser cable

In order to be in a position to offer economical solutions to meet the diverse applications requirements in laser material processing, Frank Optic Products® has developed a laser cable modular system, which makes it possible to use beam delivery systems in output classes between 10 to 1000 W individually, but always with the plug-in connectors from the same system.

Higher performance for all types of laser

Owing to the high degree of compatibility of the same-system plug-in connector systems, the HPLK laser cable modular system developed by Frank Optic Products® enables all laser sources commonly to be found on the market to be connected and used.

It therefore provides users and laser manufacturers with the option of continuing to use existing and new laser systems with the same fibre-optic beam delivery systems or of using them parallel to one another.

The HPLK modular system Efficient and economical thanks to compatibility and variety

The HPLK multiple high power laser cable system comprises a modular system with 5 different standard solutions and 6 standard safety devices, such as temperature watchdog, CCS, fibre breakage identification FPS, plug-in contact, protection by reflexion SHR, electrical isolation and RFID, all of which can be combined and adapted individually according to customer wishes and the respective application. The HPLK modular system permits the user maximum freedom for designing the laser system.

HPLKCoolConnect® – miniaturized in the 1-kW high power range

Standard plug-in connectors on laser cables are frequently unable to withstand the concomitant heat development. The CoolConnect® systems recently developed by Frank Optic Products® comprise, as standard, an active water cooling system for all customary laser plug-in connector systems and protection by reflexion ensures greater safety and reliability in the high performance range.

HPLK-FD80HR – low heat development on plug-in connector owing to protection by reflexion

This plug-in connector system is used by preference in order to be able to use diode lasers optimally in materials processing and for marking in the medium to high performance classes up to 600 W. Owing to the protection by reflexion integrated in the ferrule behind the behind the fibres, it is therefore possible to couple-in the critical beam profile, e.g. of diode lasers precisely and with optimal energy transfer. For this reason the FD80HR system represents a technical and economical solution for many applications in the medium performance range.

HPLK-FD80/ FD80basic the efficient, affordable standard solution

As the basis for the HPLK modular system a plug-in connector technically reduced to the bare necessities and which facilitates the transmission of laser output up to 200 W. Hence, the FD80basic system makes it possible to work economically and efficiently without foregoing the necessary precision for coupling-in.

HPLK-FD80modestrip for an improved beam geometry

The modestrip systems are designed so that the major intensity of the modes located in the cladding is already coupled-out from the fibre within the couplingin plug.

HPLK laser cable technical data (standard)

Plug type: FOP-D80
Plug ferrule: Ø 4 mm, length 10 mm
Fibre type: fused silicia fibres, multi mode NA 0.22, Ø 200 µm to Ø 1000 µm
Hybrid tubing, stable plastic covering
Fibre loss amounts to < 3 %
Length: 2 - 50 m
For use with up to 1-kW diode lasers, 1kW Nd:YAG lasers
Can be configured on one side, depending on the type of laser: with SMA 905 plug-in connector, FOP-D10
Optionally with breakage watchdog, temperature sensor, protection by reflexion and plug watchdog


Laser marking and laser material processing; especially suitable for use with flexible and compact designs and for robot and portal use