Research and Development

Benefit from our complementary performance resources

FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS® is one of the leading addresses in Research & Development and is regarded as a competent optical technology partner to science and industry, especially in the fields of laser technology, astrophotonics, aerospace, sensor technology, signaling equipment, mechatronics, optoelectronics and system engineering.

We offer customer-specific research and development, feasibility studies, product development and product optimisation, technology transfers, industrial and scientific cooperative research all over the world.

Special skills and complementary performance resources

Customer-specific R&D services for all key technologies

It is not only major companies and research institutions that appreciate the skills of FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS® as a globally oriented development and production partner.
Thanks to the global conflation of specific skills and complementary performance resources, FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS® is responsible for the coordinated initiation of interdisciplinary technology projects. Both in Germany and abroad, FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS® provides its R&D partners with innovative high tech development and research results to work out solutions to problems primarily in the optical high tech and system engineering fields.

Research and Development is one of our core competences

Benefit from our years of experience as a project partner in a variety of national and international R&D projects and as an international OEM supplier.

People rely on us!

Over 20 years of project experience, multiple patent applications and global networking with international networks guarantee successful research and development work: Both in sponsored cooperative research or in industrial developments and scientific projects. And at the end of the day the result is always successful! An innovation, a product or an optimised product, which bring the anticipated success to all the partners involved owing to our global knowledge.