High Power Laser Cable For The Medium Output Range With SMA Plug-in Connector

LCS-free high power laser cable system

Precision, innovations and maximum safety

For transmitting defined laser output via fibre-optic beam delivery systems industrial, we guarantee you maximum precision, reproducibility and care in the manufacture of our fibre-optic cables and probes. The constant exchange of knowledge and regular cooperative research with leading scientific institutions, leading institutes and clinics in the fields of laser technology directly into the development and manufacture of our ongoing production and form the basis of our innovative products.

Compatible and diverse in applications

The components and systems we manufacture are characterized primarily by the precision with which they are manufactured and the exact alignment with your applications. The LCS beam delivery system is available in a very wide range of system variants. For laser output classes up to 200 W the LCS-S05-free types and the LCS-05modestrip type are used with freestanding fibre in plug-in connectors. All LCS-S05 beam delivery systems are available with plastic and metal cladding or without cladding. Standard equipment of the systems is antikink protection, strain relief and SMA plug-in connectors; optionally, all label cables can be manufactured with a hand piece and connecting nut. In addition to SMA plugs, FC/ PC, FC/ APC, SC, ST plug-in connectors are also available.

LCS-S05-free laser cable technical data (standard)

Plug type: FSMA-S05-free
Plug ferrule: Ø 3.175 mm, length 9.85 mm
Fibre type: fused silicia fibres, multi mode NA 0.22, Ø 100 µm to Ø 1000 µm
plastic tubing
Length: 1 - 50 m
For use up to 200 kW diode lasers, 200 W Nd:YAG lasers Can be configured on one side depending on the type of laser: also with FC/ PC, FC/APC, SC, ST, HPLK, HPLD-D10, optionally with RFID and plug watchdog


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