Laser technology components

We put performance into your laser

FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS® is one of the leading OEM key suppliers to the European laser industry. FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS® is considered the technological leader for many of the technological components required for the development and manufacture of stateof-the-art laser machines . For example this is the case for fibre optic beam delivery systems in laser material processing and in laser medicine, for ceramic laser reflectors, for which it has developed its own materials for optimal reflection of Nd:YAG laser radiation, laserceramic®. Many laser manufacturers use the laser windows produced by FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS® owing to their great endurance strength and long service life. Equally, we are considered one of the top addresses for flow plates, flow tubes, laser caps and metal reflectors when highest quality components are needed for lasers.

Everything from a single source!
OEM partner for laser technology components

As specialists and OEM we regard ourselves as an industrial partner to manufacturers and developers of laser technology and mechanical engineering and their users. Besides manufacturing components, we also develop and produce complete modules and systems, such as resonators and laser focusing and collimating systems.

Benefit from our many years of experience and skills in the manufacture of precision optical, optoelectronic and optomechanical components and systems for laser technology.

We develop and manufacture individually to meet your requirements

  • Laser windows, laser exits, laser protective windows
  • Laser mirrors, mirror substrates
  • Dielectric interference filters
  • Laser reflectors, ceramic reflectors, metal reflectors
  • Lenses, ZnSe lenses
  • Prisms, wedges
  • Non-linear laser optics (NLO)
  • Flow plates, flow tubes
  • Optical systems, deflection units, collimating and focusing systems,
  • Micro positioning systems


We supply integral components and systems for laser technology, such as:
filters, glass cavities and laser tubes, laser rods, laser slabs, laser crystals, ZnSe lenses, Ge optics, CaF2 optics, flashlights, special lights, resonators, laser cables