Customer-specific, fibre-optic cable systems for high performance lasers

The HPLD an HPLN standard high power laser cables are used as fibre-optic beam delivery systems for diode lasers, Nd:YAG lasers and fibre lasers. These proven LLK systems are available with a variety of options. This system makes combination with other plug-in connector systems possible. Connection and utilisation of all commercially available laser sources are also guaranteed in this case.

No more compromises: we produce custom-made high performance laser cables!

Frank Optic Products® provides the opportunity to manufacture high performance LLK according to specific requirements at an affordable price. Building on our basic cable, we develop and manufacture fibre-optic laser cable systems to comply with your specific requirements. Hence, with the cable systems from Frank Optic Products® you no longer have to make expensive compromises. This high power LLK is a cable of extremely stable design, stable for up to 7 kW laser output. All beam delivery systems have a special prealignment of the glass fibres and are protected against misalignment. They can be supplied with a customer-specific laser connection flange.

The standard equipment of the systems is:

  • Fibre breakage identification (FPS)
  • Temperature watchdog (CCS)
  • Plug watchdog (FCS)
  • Protection by reflexion (LBP)

and can be set up with diverse other options as well as individual customer-specific components and further safety equipment (please refer also to the table, HPLD/ HPLN overview).

HPLD-D15-LLK systems technical data (standard)

Plug type: FOP-D15
Plug ferrules: Ø 15mm, length 59mm
Fibre type: fused silicia fibres, multi mode NA 0.22
Fibre core diameter: between Ø 200 and Ø 1500 µm
Length: 2 - 200 m
Fibre loss amounts to < 3 %
hybrid protective tubing, 2-pole plug-in watchdog
For use up to 5-kW diode laser, 5kW Nd:YAG laser Can be configured on one side/from one side depending on the type of laser with FOP-D15, HPLK-FD80, SMAfree plug-in connectors
Optional: Receiver flange with cooling system

Laser marking and laser material processing; especially suitable for use with flexible and compact designs and for robot and portal use