The Latest Generation Of 10 kW-High Power Laser Cables: HPLDautomotive

Compatible with all LLK available on the market

Frank Optic Products® offers state-of-the-art innovative high power laser cables in the high end range of the 10-kW class for laser material processing. The high power HPLDautomotive laser cable makes it possible to meet an enormous variety of requirements for applications in laser material processing economically and efficiently via fibre-optic beam delivery systems. As with all fibre systems from Frank Optic Products® here, too, the laser machine engineer, developer and laser user can always tune them individually to match his laser and his application. With this system it is also possible to combine it with other plug-in connector systems. Connection and utilisation of all laser sources commonly to be found on the market is guaranteed. The user alone determines performance and safety.

Higher performance and greater safety – a new cable concept and new materials

By using fibre materials recently developed especially for the high performance range it is possible to transport 10 kW laser power. For this purpose the fibre was equipped with a multi-cladding structure and the concentricity of the fibre core was substantially improved. This makes it possible to optimise coupling-in of the laser beam and to carry higher energies in the cladding. Besides the fibre material, new metal materials are used for the HPLDautomotive laser cable in respect of the alloy, hardening and chemical resistance. Optimal heat removal is guaranteed thank to active cooling, which takes place close to the hot spots. The active cooling takes place without requiring maintenance and is especially suitable for Di water. With a compressive strength of up to 10 bars it can be connected to any of the existing laser cooling systems.

Especially suitable for use in robots

Thanks to electrical isolation and integrated electrical and optical shielding, the new cable safety concept with the hybrid protective cladding is much safer in operative use – particularly when used in robots with their short, abrupt movements. The new safety concept has an improved fuse plug and fibre breakage watchdog, which significantly reduce the trigger force or path. The cladding, which contains all the individual electronic and optical wires in the form of a hybrid cladding demonstrates significantly better stability, torsion, tensile strength and stability than the other LLK systems on the market.

Efficient, reliable and economical thanks to compatibility and individuality

High compatibility of plug-in connectors of the same system enables the connection and utilisation of all laser sources commonly to be found on the market. The HPLDautomotive high power laser cable is compatible with all LLK systems for Nd:YAG lasers, diode lasers and fibre lasers. Existing and new laser systems can continue to be use or be used in parallel with the HPLDautomotive.

Technical data of the HPLDautomotive LLK system (standard)

Plug type: Conical connector FOP-KSA
Fibre type: fused silicia fibres, multi mode Multi cladding, NA 0.22
Fibre core diameter: between Ø 200 and Ø1500 µm
Length: 2 - 50 m , Fibre loss amounts to < 3 %
Hybrid protective tubing
3-pole plug-in watchdog
For use up to 10-kW diode laser, 10 kW Nd:YAG laser Can be configured on one side, depending on the type of laser: with FOP-D15, HPLK-FD80 plug-in connectors Optional: Receiver flange with cooling system


Laser marking and laser material processing Especially suitable for flexible and compact design, robot and portal use