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Ceramic reflectors, laserceramics®

FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS® is one of the leading providers in the development and production of precision optical components made from sintered, ultra-pure ceramic materials, primarily based on aluminium oxide (Al2O3). We are regarded as specialists for diffusely reflecting laser ceramic reflectors. These diffusely reflecting ceramics are primarily used as laser reflectors in Nd:YAG lasers and in CWpulsed lasers.

FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS® supplies extremely high power laser reflectors for solid state lasers, especially for Nd:YAG. These laser reflectors are equipped with special types of glazing, which filter out UV parts and protect the ceramic from hydroscopic and hygroscopic influences. The high-precision manufactured ceramic reflectors are highly reflective, highly efficient and resistant to temperature and have a very long service life. Different laser glazes and special glass and quartz filters are included in the production range.

Furthermore, it is possible to supply complete resonators, mechanical housings incl. laser rod, flow plate, ceramic reflectors, flashlight, with interface cooling water and electronic connection and seals customised to fit in with your applications.

Technical key data

Al2O3 laser ceramic for laser reflectors
Type: laserceramics®

Ceramics: Aluminium oxide Al2O3 > 99.80 %
Porosity: 6-7 %
Temperature stability: max. 1800 °C
Strength: > 160 MN/m2
Compressive strength: > 690 MN/m2
Thermal conductivity: 15.9 W/m/K
Glazes: yellow, white (transparent)
Reflection: R > 98 % above λ = 650 nm


Individual according to customer specification, rectangular, circular, ellipsoid, cuboid, cylinder, cylinder sections